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Fare Collection System

In 2013 Winnipeg Transit will undertake a comprehensive fare collection system replacement project. The implementation of a new, automatic fare collection system will modernize and simplify the fare collection process, provide more convenience and options for passengers, and improve the security of fare collection. In particular, the project goals are to:

  • Improve system convenience and appeal for customers
  • Improve system flexibility to accommodate fare policy adjustments and technology advancements seamlessly
  • Provide flexible marketing tools to promote ridership growth
  • Reduce cash fare, transfer and pass fraud
  • Provide more detailed and reliable ridership and revenue data
  • Increase the efficiency of fare collection and revenue management operations
  • Provide modern fare collection equipment with readily available parts and service support

The fare collection project will be completed in phases to provide a smoother transition for passengers from one system to another and to allow Winnipeg Transit to do acceptance testing of the new systems before they come on line.

To learn more about our fare collection replacement project, including information on the new fareboxes, our smart card, and a timeline for the project click on the links below.