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City of Winnipeg

Winnipeg Transit

Driver Responsibilities

Handi-Transit drivers are expected and required to provide safe, courteous and reliable transportation to the users in our community.

Handi-Transit drivers are required to:

  • Assist clients with seat belts
  • Be alert and well rested at all times while operating the vehicle
  • Collect fares from clients in the form of:
    • cash payment,
    • Handi-Transit Ticket, or
    • Monthly Handi-Transit Pass
  • Have the Handi-Transit decals clearly visible on their vehicle
  • Maintain their vehicle in a clean manner
  • Maintain their schedule when time, traffic and weather conditions permit
  • Operate the vehicle safely
  • Possess a valid Manitoba driver licence for the class of vehicle to be operated
  • Secure the client’s mobility device in accordance with Handi-Transit policy
  • Treat and communicate with clients in a respectful manner
  • Wear an identification tag at all times when performing Handi-Transit duties
  • Provide assistance to clients at all times
    • If it appears that a clients requires specific assistance, the operator will ask how he/she could be of assistance.
    • If the client indicates that no assistance is required, it is still important and mandatory that the driver walk beside the client to ensure their safety.

While drivers provide general assistance, Handi-Transit is NOT an assisted medical service.

  • Drivers are not expected to perform the duties of a specialized attendant, or provide any type of medical assistance.
  • Drivers do not provide personal attendant service or supervision during the trip, or place clients into the hands of someone else at the destination point (wait for a caregiver to arrive).
  • Clients who require assistance during or after a trip should arrange for an attendant to travel with them. Handi-Transit will reserve a seat for an attendant.
  • Handi-Transit drivers will secure a client’s wheelchair or other mobile-assistive device using the floor restraints.
  • At no time are drivers allowed to lift or carry a client or a client’s parcels, bags or other personal items.

In the event of an emergency, the driver immediately notifies the Handi-Transit dispatcher who will engage the City’s emergency services.