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Service Advisory

Disraeli Freeway ramps between the bridges are closed. Routes 45 & 97 routes affected

As of 25:00 27-Mar-2011, routes 45, 97 are under the effect of a detour. This detour affects the following stops:

  • 30435
  • 30516
  • 40466 Southbound Levis St at Nairn Ave
  • 40465 Northbound Brazier St at Talbot Ave
  • 40368
  • 40809
  • 30508

Reroute instructions are as follows:
I/B R45 via westbound Talbot, left Brazier, left Midwinter, right Levis, Louise Bridge right Sutherland to regular route.
Outbound Route 45 via eastbound Euclid, left Sutherland, right Annabella, left Higgins, Louise Bridge, left Midwinter, right Brazier, right Talbot to regular route.
Route 97 via eastbound Euclid, right Argyle, left Sutherland (layover at temporary bus stop Southbound Sutherland far-side Argyle), then left on Euclid to regular route.