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TeleBUS is Winnipeg Transit’s automated schedule information system.

How TeleBUS Works

  • Call 204-287-RIDE (7433).
  • A user-friendly menu helps you find current or future schedule times.
  • Every bus stop in Winnipeg has been assigned a five-digit bus stop number, which is how TeleBUS identifies your specific bus stop.
  • To find schedule information, enter (on your TouchTone phone) or say the five-digit bus stop number. You will be prompted through the system to find the information you need.
  • Have your stop number handy when you call.

If you do not have your 5 digit stop number, you can call Transit Information at 311 for schedule information or visit our website’s schedules page.

Click here to look up your stop number online.

Ride by Route Number

Winnipeg Transit identifies routes with a route number, route name, and route destination. The route name is usually the major street the bus travels on and the route destination generally identifies the final destination point or area the bus travels.

Bus Destination Regular

Bus Destination Express

Bus Stop Sign

Bus stop sign information includes the nearest cross street or landmark, bus stop number, TeleBUS phone number, and route numbers for the stop location. Yellow bus route tiles indicate express bus service.

Stop Plate Description