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City of Winnipeg

Winnipeg Transit

Taxis in diamond lanes pilot project

Effective March 1, 2018, the City of Winnipeg will begin a one-year trial project permitting taxis to travel, but not stop, in diamond lanes. The City will monitor diamond lane usage during the trial period to assess the benefit to taxis while gauging any impacts to transit operations.

Diamond lanes are designed to ensure that designated vehicles operate reliably and efficiently during weekday rush hour time periods, delivering quality service to the citizens of Winnipeg who travel using public transit, bicycles and taxis.

Buses, taxis and cyclists in diamond lanes

After March 1, 2018, buses, taxis and cyclists will be permitted to use 30 kilometers of curb lanes designated as reserved diamond lanes in the city, located as follows:

  1. Main Street – both directions between Graham Avenue and James Avenue / Alexander Avenue
  2. Main Street – both directions between Portage Avenue and Assiniboine Avenue
  3. Queen Elizabeth Way – northbound between Stradbrook Avenue and Mayfair Avenue
  4. Portage Avenue – both directions between Spence Street and Strathcona Street / Raglan Road
  5. McPhillips Street – both directions between Jarvis Avenue and Inkster Boulevard
  6. Osborne Street – one direction from St. Mary Avenue to Granite Way
  7. Goulet Street – one direction from Youville Street to St. Mary’s Road
  8. St. Mary’s Road – one direction from Tache Avenue to Fort Gibraltar Trail
  9. Disraeli Freeway – one direction from Main Street to Disraeli Bridge
  10. Henderson Highway – one direction from Hespeler Avenue to Riverton Avenue
  11. Vaughan Street – one direction (contraflow) from Webb Place to St. Mary Avenue

On-street signage has been revised as follows to reflect the pilot project:

taxi diamond lane signage 1

Transit priority signals, the Transitway and Graham Transit Mall for buses only

A number of diamond lanes also include transit priority signals which allow transit buses to ‘queue jump’ ahead of stopped traffic and re-enter traffic. Transit priority signals are for use by public transit buses only and may not be used by taxis as part of the pilot project. Taxis must exit the reserved diamond lane or queue jump lane in advance of the signal.

The Southwest Transitway and the downtown Graham Transit Mall (between Fort Street and Carlton Street) are not reserved diamond lanes and therefore may not be used by taxis as part of the pilot project.