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City of Winnipeg

Winnipeg Transit

Using a Map

The map can be used to get transit service information by location.

You can search for a location by entering address, intersection, or landmark information in the space provided. If possible, we will offer suggestions to complete the location you are entering. If the correct location is offered, you may click on it to select it. Alternatively, you can manipulate the map to find a location. The map can be panned by clicking and dragging. You can zoom in or out using the scroll wheel on your mouse. There are also pan and zoom controls in the top-left corner of the map.

Once you have found your desired location, you can learn more about how Transit services that location. Right-clicking on the map brings up a context-menu with map functions to find stops near the location, as well as find routes servicing the location that you clicked. In addition, you can choose to plan a Navigo trip using the clicked location as the origin or destination.

Map Functions

Hover your cursor over a map and press your right mouse button to open the map function list.

Find stops near here

The location of your cursor on the map is used when finding stops ‘near here’. A list of stops will be displayed along with the stop locations on a map.

Find routes near here

The location of your cursor on the map is used when finding the routes that service ‘near here’. A list of routes will be displayed along with the routes on a map.

Plan trip from here

Our Navigo trip planner will be started using the location of your cursor on the map as the origin.

Plan trip to here

Our Navigo trip planner will be started using the location of your cursor on the map as the destination.

Navigational Tools

Center map here

The map is panned and centered on the location of your cursor on the map.

Zoom in / Zoom out

Use these map functions to zoom in and out of your map as you would the zoom slide bar or the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons found on the top left side of the map.

My Locations

When you hover your cursor over the My Locations button found in the Map section in the left side bar, a drop down menu of your saved locations will be displayed along with the Manage my locations option. You can select one of your saved locations to view it on a map along with the map functions listed below.

For more information about locations, please check the Locations help page.

Find Location

Use this option to find a location on the map along with nearby stops and routes. Enter the location as an address, intersection, or landmark in the Find a location entry field and press the Submit above.

System Map

Click this button to open the System Map page which contains Winnipeg Transit’s system map split into 12 smaller maps for easy viewing. Click on the individual links to view a PDF map of the selected area.

Full Map

This option will display a full size map of the city of Winnipeg. Right-click anywhere on the map to open a window containing the map functions listed above.