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City of Winnipeg

Winnipeg Transit


timetable icon A timetable displays scheduled bus departure times from one or more bus stop locations. A timetable contains a separate column of departure times for each location.

My Timetables

my timetables icon When you hover your cursor over the My Timetables button found in the Timetables section in the left side bar, a drop-down menu of your saved timetables will be displayed along with the Manage my timetables option. You can select one of your personalized timetables you have created for viewing or you can select the option to manage your timetables.

Manage My Timetables

There are four options that enable you to manage your saved timetables.


If you would like to change the name, simply click on the text and type in the new name.


If you would like to reorder the items in the list, simply hover your cursor over the icon and drag the item to the desired location.


Press the View button listed beside an item to view it.


Press the Delete button listed beside an item to be deleted. Press OK in the confirm window and the item will be removed.


Press the Edit button listed beside an item to open it in an edit window.

Find a Timetable

find timetable icon A timetable can be displayed for a stop or for a route.

A Stop-based Timetable

A stop-based timetable will display the times that all buses are scheduled to depart a specified stop. To specify a stop, you can enter a stop number, a stop name, or an intersection. As you begin typing, you will see a prompt list of possible stops to assist your request. You can select your stop from the list if you see it. Then click Submit. The stop will be displayed on a map and you will be asked to specify the schedule type (today, weekday, Saturday, Sunday) for the timetable.

A Route Timetable

A route timetable will display the times that buses depart major stops along a specified route. To specify a route, you can enter a route number or a route name. As you begin typing, you will see a prompt list of possible routes that match. You can select your route from the list. Then click Submit. The route will then be displayed on a map and you will be asked to specify the schedule type (today, weekday, Saturday, Sunday) for the timetable.

Select a Schedule Type

The displayed timetable can be for today, weekday, Saturday, or Sunday service. When ‘today’ is selected, any known exceptions to the schedule (such as delays due to construction or a cancellation due to a stalled bus) will be reflected in the timetable information displayed. As well, the timetable will always use the schedule appropriate to the day on which you view it on Winnipeg Transit’s website. Specify the type of schedule, then click Submit.

Select a Route Direction

Depending on the route that you specify, you may also have to select the destination of route.

If you are requesting a Route Timetable, you need to specify a route direction. For example, if you want a timetable for Route 66 – Grant, you would then have to select one of:

  • To Downtown, or
  • To Unicity / Polo Park

After you have specified the Route Direction, click on Submit and your requested timetable will be displayed.


timetable options icon You can tailor how you want the timetable information displayed by setting the timetable options:

Easy Access

easy access icon Winnipeg Transit’s low-floor buses enable easy access for individuals with limited mobility, those traveling in a wheelchair or scooter, and those traveling with a child stroller.

If you want “Easy Access” icons displayed in timetables or Navigo results to indicate transit service that is served by low-floor buses, then select the Show option for Easy Access. If you do not want the “Easy Access” icons to be displayed, then select Hide.

You can also specify with the click of a button whether you would like to list only service that is operated by “easy access” buses, or all service regardless of accessibility.


Notes are often included in timetables to indicate the direction or destination of the bus on a route.

Some examples of notes are:

  • “To Downtown” or “D”,
  • “Via Regent” or “R”, and
  • “To Airport Via Flight Rd.” or “F”.

You can select “Full Notes” or “Note Codes” to display notes in timetables. If there are many columns in the timetables you use, you may want to use “Note Codes” to minimize column widths.

Clock Display

Times can be displayed using either the 12 hour or 24 hour clock.

For example:

  • 12 hour: 9:35 pm
  • 24 hour: 21:35

You may select your preference.

Save a Timetable

save timetable icon Once you have found a timetable, you can save it in your My Timetables folder so that you can easily retrieve and view it at a later time. Press the Save Timetable button found in the left side bar.

Create and Edit a Timetable

You can create your own personalized timetables and save them in My Timetables. These timetables show you just the information you need to meet your travel needs displayed the way that you want to see it.

Click here for information regarding creating and editing a timetable.

Clone a Timetable

The Clone Timetable option found in the left side bar will create a duplicate of the timetable you are currently viewing and save the copy to My Timetables. This is very handy when you want to create another timetable for a different schedule type or create a similar timetable. Once a timetable has been cloned, you will want to edit it.

For an example of using the clone function, click here.

Print a Timetable

The Print Timetable option found in the left side bar opens a printable version of the timetable you are currently viewing.


Click the click here to print instruction or use your browser’s print functions to print the timetable currently displayed.

Some browsers have a handy print-preview function which enables you to preview your timetable output before instructing your browser to send it to the printer.


Click the return to normal view instruction to return to the timetable display.