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Clone Timetable Example

I have a timetable that contains schedule information to help me get from my home to the Millenium Library downtown. This timetable was created for the current day’s (“today”) schedule type. This timetable works great for me when I reference it each day that I’m going to the library!

What I would like to do is create a printed copy of my timetable so that I can keep it in my backpack for reference when I’m in my neighbourhood but not at a computer.

To do this, I will clone my existing timetable. Then I will make changes to the cloned copy to use the Weekday schedule type. I’ll also change my timetable titles to reflect this change. Next, I will print my weekday timetable and put it in my backpack.

I can do exactly the same thing and make a Saturday schedule, too!

Cloning Steps

  1. Choose the timetable you want to clone and view it.
  2. Click on the Clone Timetable option found in the Timetables menu of the left sidebar.
  3. You will be prompted to enter a name for your new timetable. Enter a meaningful name here and then press Save.
  4. A message will be displayed at the top or your timetable when then cloning is complete.
  5. Click on the MyTimetables option found in the Timetables menu of the left sidebar to display a list of your saved timetables along with your newly cloned timetable.
  6. Click on the Edit button. You can view and change these and other settings by pressing the edit button found on the timetable header beside your newly cloned timetable.
  7. Your timetable is then displayed in an edit window. Click on the edit button of your timetable (it is found in the top right corner on the top heading line).
  8. In the Edit Timetable window that is displayed, select the schedule type to be used for this timetable the press the Submit button found at the bottom of the window.
  9. Once all your changes are made, remember to Click on the Save Timetable option found in the Timetables menu of the left sidebar.

For more information on editing a timetable, please refer to the Creating and Editing a Timetable help page.