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COVID-19 : Mesures prises par la Ville de Winnipeg et dernières nouvelles sur les installations et services municipaux
Reminder: Self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms before each time you take transit.
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Winnipeg Transit

Navigo Results

Navigo will return up to five trip options for you to consider. Each option is contained in a tabbed pane. You can view each option by clicking on its tab.


Each tab contains a trip summary showing the start and end time of the trip, the trip duration, the number of minutes required for walking, the number of minutes required for waiting for transfers, and the routes used to complete the trip. If the trip’s arrival or departure time occurs slightly beyond the time specified in your trip request, a clock icon will be displayed to notify you. late icon


A step by step list of the trip details as well as a map depicting the trip path is displayed in each trip option pane.

Navigo displays the trip’s path on a map of Winnipeg using Google Maps and includes icons for the stops and locations involved in the trip. You can use Google’s standard pan and zoom controls found in the top left side of the map and the ‘Map’ and ‘Satellite’ buttons found in the top right corner to select the map view you prefer. When a stop or location icon is clicked, more information about that stop or location is displayed along with other functions that can be performed with it such as saving a stop to My Stops or planning another trip from the location.

Step by step details of the trip are listed beside the map.

Create a Timetable

new timetable icon You can create a timetable from a trip plan by selecting the Create a timetable for this plan function found at the bottom of the list of trip steps.

A column containing stop schedule information for every stop being used for the trip will be displayed. For more information on timetables, please see the Timetable help page.

Function Options

The left side bar contains some function options that you may use with your trip results.

Save a Trip Request

save trip icon You may select the Save This Trip option in order to save this trip request in My Trips (you will need to login to your account to do this). You will be able to give this trip a meaningful name and define some details like “always ask me for the trip time” or “always use the specified time”. You can then access this trip request anytime from My Trips.

Change a Trip Request

new trip icon Select the Start Over option if you would like to make a completely different trip request.

change trip icon To modify any of the specifications of your current trip such as the origin location or trip time, select Modify Request.

return trip iconThe Plan Return Trip function is a handy way to request a trip that will get you back from your destination.

Print a Trip Result

print trip icon The Print option found in the left side bar enables you to print one or more of your Navigo trip results.


A printable version of your trip option is displayed. You can display printable versions of other trip options by clicking the corresponding option to select it. If you would like to display a printable version of all of the trip options, choose All options.


Click the click here to print instruction or use your browser’s print functions to print the trip option currently displayed.

Some browsers have a handy print-preview function which enables you to preview your trip result output before instructing your browser to send it to the printer.

Change Format

A trip map will be included with the printable version of your trip result. You can choose to exclude the trip map by deselecting the Map option.

The printable version of your trip option will use rich text. You can choose to use plain text instead by selecting the Plain formatting option.


Click the return to normal view instruction to return to the trip result display.

Manage My Trips

my trips icon There are four options that enable you to manage your saved trips.


If you would like to change the name, simply click on the text and type in the new name.


If you would like to reorder the items in the list, simply hover your cursor over the icon and drag the item to the desired location.


Press the View button listed beside an item to view it.


Press the Delete button listed beside an item to be deleted. Press OK in the confirm window and the item will be removed.

Please Remember the Following:

All times quoted by Navigo are estimates based on:

  • bus schedule information.
  • standard walking speeds using the shortest possible route.

Due to the nature of city traffic, bus times are not always exact. Known exceptions to the schedule (such as a delay due to construction) are applied to requests if possible.

Navigo cannot account for all variations that may occur in individual walking speeds and the path chosen.

Therefore, no guarantees can be made that the Navigo trip results will work exactly as presented.