To plan your trip, Navigo needs you to specify the time and date that you want to travel.

Once your time and date have been specified, press the Submit button and Navigo will plan your trip for you!


clock icon The time that you specify will relate to either the time that you want to leave from your origin or the time that you want to arrive at your destination.

Enter the time that you want to travel in the space provided. Many different formats are accepted; you can enter your time using a 12 or 24 hour clock, with or without a colon, and with or without minutes. Don’t forget to select a.m. or p.m. if you are using a 12 hour clock.

If the time you have entered refers to a departure time from your origin, select either the Depart Before or Depart After option.

If the time you have entered refers to an arrival time at your destination, select either the Arrive Before or Arrive After option.


The trip date will default to today’s date. If this is not the date on which you wish to travel, select another date on the calendar.

Leave Right Away

The “Leave right away” feature will set the time to the current time and select the Depart After option. This is a handy feature when planning an immediate trip.