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City of Winnipeg

Winnipeg Transit

Transitway By-Laws/Rules

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1) Transitway and Station

All persons shall comply with all lawful orders or directives of any Winnipeg Police Service officer or a Winnipeg Transit Supervisor.

No person, unless authorized by the Director of Transit, shall engage in the following activities:

- Operation, parking or stopping of a vehicle on the Transitway
- Walking on the Transitway, except at designated pedestrian crossings or entrance points
- Riding a bicycle on the Transitway roadway
- Rollerblading or skateboarding on the Transitway roadway
- Interfering with the operation or provision of Transit service
- Occupying or creating a physical obstruction at stations, platforms or Transit roadway areas
- Behaving in a manner that causes danger to another person
- Permitting a live animal within the Transitway (except service dogs)
- Commercial activity (such as the selling of food, clothing, newspapers or other materials)
- Filming or video/audio recording
- Distributing any leaflets or newspapers
- Posting any signs
- Behaving in a manner that causes annoyance, alarm or inconvenience to a reasonable person
- Smoking
- Panhandling or begging
- Disruptive sounds or loud noises
- Littering
- Consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs
- Loitering
- Parades
- Gatherings
- Throwing of projectiles
- Gambling
- Busking

2. Weapons and explosives

The following are prohibited anywhere in the Transitway and Stations:

- Weapons, including firearms, knives and incapacitating agents, or any other device intended for use as a weapon
- Open flames such as lighter or torch
- Explosives, including fireworks

3. Fines and Penalties

- Any person who contravenes the Transitway By-Law/Rules is subject to a fine of up to $500.

4. Ejection and Suspension-of-Service (Banning)

- Any person who is observed by an enforcement officer to be violating the Transitway By-Law or any of Transitway rules is subject to ejection and being banned from using the Transit System.

Pursuant to Section 8(4) of the City of Winnipeg Transitway By-Law 49/2012, these rules are effective as of Thursday, May 10, 2012.