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City of Winnipeg

Winnipeg Transit

BUSguide (classic)

Winnipeg Transit’s website for mobile browsers!

BUSguide overview

BUSguide is a website designed with the strengths and limitations of today’s modern browsers for smartphones and other mobile devices. It allows you to get at the information you need quickly while on the go.

Getting Started

To access BUSguide, point your mobile browser at

The BUSguide home page contains many of the same functions as the home page of Winnipeg Transit’s website’s new home page. At the top right corner there is a button marked Login. This uses the same user credentials as the main website, and it allows you to access the information you have saved with your user profile while you’re on the go.

Location Based Features

BUSguide contains some commands that make use of your browser’s ability to share your current location. This includes the Plan a trip from here function and the Stops nearby function. The accuracy of these functions is limited to the accuracy of the location reported by your browser. This could mean that the information returned might not be relevant to your search.

BUSgadget on the Go

BUSguide now contains a mobile version of Winnipeg Transit’s desktop application BUSgadget. Mobile BUSgadget allows you to create your own customized monitors to watch for buses at any number of stops and see them on your smart phone. You can use it while on the way to the bus stop or at a stop where the BUSwatch service isn’t available.

Accessing your saved BUSgadget monitors

My Monitors

If you have saved your own BUSgadget monitors online you can monitor them through BUSguide. To do so you need to log into your Winnipeg Transit account on BUSguide. From here you have two options. First, following the BUSgadget link on the BUSguide home page will take you to a page that has all of your saved monitors. Second, if you simply wish to see one of your saved monitors you can expand the My Monitors line under the BUSgadget link and select the monitor you wish to view.

For instructions on how to create a saved BUSgadget monitor check out the BUSgadget page.

Monitoring stops on the Fly

If you do not have any saved BUSgadget monitors or simply wish to monitor a stop that you have not saved a monitor for you can still use BUSgadget to monitor the desired stop. For this feature you do not even need to be logged in. Simply follow the BUSgadget link on the BUSguide home page to the mobile BUSgadget main page. Here you can search for a stop to monitor using the textbox and click the Monitor this Stop button.

Alternatively every stop has a Monitor this stop with BUSgadget button that can be used to monitor the stop. Simply find the stop through one of the various links under the Stops heading and click on this button.

BUSgadget Mobile Limit Routes

Once you have selected a stop to monitor you may wish to limit which routes BUSgadget will monitor for you. To do this Expand the Select Routes to Monitor section and select the routes that you wish to monitor. Do not be alarmed when the stop times listed by BUSgadget do not change immediately, the changes that you made will come into effect the next time that BUSgadget updates.