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COVID-19 : Mesures prises par la Ville de Winnipeg et dernières nouvelles sur les installations et services municipaux
Reminder: Self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms before each time you take transit.
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Winnipeg Transit’s website for mobile browsers!

BUSguide Stop Schedule

BUSguide is a mobile web app designed to make it easy to access up-to-date information on your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile devices. It allows you to get at the information you need quickly while on the go.

Getting Started

BUSguide menu

To access BUSguide, visit To get the most out of BUSguide, it is recommended that you allow location sharing in your mobile browser. This allows BUSguide to provide service information relevant to your current location.

BUSguide contains many of the same features as Winnipeg Transit’s main website. Clicking the menu icon BUSguide menu icon in the top left corner opens a navigation menu. From the menu, you can access the stops page, routes page, and the Navigo trip planner.

BUSguide’s newest feature, called “On The Go” allows you to access real time information about the bus you are currently riding on, including estimated arrival times at stops along the route. You can also log in to your existing account to access saved favourite stops, locations, routes and Navigo trips.

Location Based Features

BUSguide makes use of your browser’s ability to share your current location. You can plan a Navigo trip from your current location, or find stops or routes nearby. Using the “On The Go” feature while riding a bus, you can follow your path along the bus’ route on the map and find information about upcoming stops. The accuracy of these functions is limited to the accuracy of the location reported by your browser.

Up-to-date Schedules

Accessing schedules is now easier than ever. From the Stops page, you can search for stops by stop number, name, or nearby location. To access the search function, click the magnifying glass icon BUSguide search icon in the top right corner. You can also click on a stop on the map to pull up its schedule, or quickly discover stops near your current location and their upcoming schedules by clicking the stops nearby icon BUSguide stops nearby located in the lower right corner of the map.

BUSguide Stop Schedule open

Schedules automatically refresh every minute to provide you with the most up-to-date information. You can manually reload the schedule by opening the options menu BUSguide Stop Schedule options icon and clicking on the Reload icon. You can also turn auto-reloading off from the options menu.

Click on a row in the stop schedule to see extra information like whether the bus is easy access. The pane that opens also gives you access to the bus’ trip schedule, so that you can see where the bus is going, and when it will arrive at stops down the line. If the bus is arriving shortly, you may also be able to access the On The Go feature.

BUSguide Navigo

Plan your Navigo trip by typing, clicking on a stop, or long pressing on the map to set a location as origin or destination. After entering origin, destination, and the time of your trip, hit “Go” to view the results. Use the dot navigation at the bottom of the screen to view different suggested trips.

A trip summary is displayed at the top of the results pane. This information includes the time of the trip, riding time, walking time, waiting time, the number of transfers required, and whether the trip is easy access. To modify your trip, click the edit icon BUSguide Navigo edit icon in the top right corner.

More detailed information about the stops and routes that are used in the trip is available within the results pane.

On The Go

BUSguide on the go

BUSguide now allows you to ‘check in’ to a bus and follow along in real time as you travel along your route.

You can access On The Go from the main navigation menu. You will be prompted for your bus number, a three digit number that can be found on the interior of the bus, at the front, above the windshield. You can also access On The Go via stop schedules.

On The Go uses your device’s GPS location to determine where you are so it can provide you with information about upcoming stops. You can also set a destination, and ask BUSguide to notify you when you are approaching that destination. To set a destination, simply click on your destination stop on the map and select ‘Set As Destination’. You may then set the number of stops before your destination that you would like to receive a notification. Destination notifications will work as long as your browser window remains open on the On The Go page. Depending on your device’s capabilities, the notification will play a sound, vibrate, and display a message on the screen when you are nearing your destination.

While on-the-go, the map will automatically pan to keep your current position centred. To enable or disable auto-panning, press on the GPS icon BUSguide follow bus in the bottom right corner of the map.