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Save some green with an EcoPass Monthly Transit Pass!

Consider leaving your car at home and take Winnipeg Transit to work. With the help of your employer, you can enjoy substantial savings on the cost of a monthly bus pass and reduce your car-related expenses. Talk to your human resource department about getting an EcoPass today!

Reduce your company’s parking-related requirements and costs by encouraging your employees to take Winnipeg Transit to work. For many companies, the EcoPass is less than the cost of providing free or subsidized employee parking. Your company can choose from 20 discount options in addition to receiving a rebate from Winnipeg Transit.

For additional information, read the EcoPass brochure.pdf or give us a call at 311.

To pick up monthly EcoPasses for your organization, come to our Downtown Service Centre at 65 Garry St, behind the Hotel Fort Garry. View the following map for details.