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City of Winnipeg

Winnipeg Transit

Accessible Transit

Next Stop Announcers

Winnipeg Transit continues to work hard to improve accessibility for passengers. In 2009 the entire bus fleet had Audible Next Stop Announcers installed. NSA as it is called for short audibly announces the next stop as buses travel down the road. At the same time an audible announcement is made a display located at the front of the bus shows the name of the next stop.

This new system informs passengers of upcoming stops and is particularly helpful to passengers traveling to areas they are not familiar with, passengers traveling at night when street signs and landmarks are not as visible, as well as passengers with visual impairments or hearing impairments.

Easy Access Low Floor Buses

Winnipeg Transit currently has over 504 Easy Access low floor Accessible buses in our fleet. These buses have several new features to make transit accessible to all Winnipeg residents. Features include kneeling capability, electric ramps and priority accessible seating. Refer to the Easy Access Bus Features heading for details on how to use these options.

Traveling With Mobility Aids

In consideration of all passengers and to stay on schedule, it’s important to board, secure your wheelchair or scooter and exit the bus as quickly as possible.

Boarding an Easy Access Bus

If you use a wheelchair or scooter:

  • Let the operator know if you need the ramp lowered
  • Position yourself four or five feet away from the bus to allow clearance for the ramp
  • Tell the operator your destination when you pay your fare
  • Proceed to the seats directly behind the front wheel wells (The three seat bench will balance itself when lifted half way to allow you to change your hand position if you need to in order to lift the seat to its locked position.)
  • Turn to face the front of the bus, then back into position, aligning your outside wheel with the wheel-lock clamp (for Manual wheelchairs only)
  • Apply your brakes and use at least one of the three securement options (lap belt, wheel-lock system or wheelchair restraint belts) before the bus moves
  • Tell the operator when you are secured

Securing Your Wheelchair or Scooter (Securement)

In addition to the wheelchair or scooter brake being applied, you will be required to use at least one of the three securement devices provided:

  1. A wheel-lock system for wheelchairs, which is automatically activated when you back firmly to the wheel-lock space. To release the lock, pull up on the black handle located near the wheel lock. (Note that scooters and electric wheelchairs cannot be secured with the wheel-lock clamp.)
  2. Wheelchair restraint belts (the red belts) located in the securement area are to be attached to the frame of your wheelchair and are used to prevent your wheelchair from moving while the bus is in motion.
  3. A lap type seat belt.

Wheel Lock

Wheelchair Restraint Belts

Exiting an Easy Access Bus

Follow these simple tips when exiting an Easy Access bus:

  1. When ringing the bell for your stop use the stop request bell on the edge of the fliped-up seat rather than the pull cord. On most buses this push button informs the operator that a mobility device is getting off at the next stop. This will trigger the operator to kneel the bus and lower the ramp when the bus comes to a stop.
  2. Remain secured until the bus comes to a full stop.
  3. Release all securement devices.
  4. Wait until all other passengers have exited before approaching the ramp.

Easy Access Bus Features

Easy Access buses offer many special features to make travel more convenient for persons with mobility problems:

Kneeling Buses

All Easy Access low floor Transit buses kneel to within four inches of standard curb height. This feature allows for near level boardings and eliminates the traditionally large first step up as you enter the bus. Kneeling buses can be identified by this sticker which is located near the front door.

Kneeling bus identification sticker

Easy Access bus kneeling next to curb

Electric Flip Down Ramp

The electric ramp is controlled by the driver and is lowered to allow level boarding for people with mobility devices. The ramp takes roughly 30 seconds to lower and extends three feet out from the side of the bus. All ramps have a grip tape surface to prevent slipping in wet and snowy conditions.

Electric ramp fully deployed

If you need use of the ramp, or require the kneeling feature to board, please wait until all other passengers have boarded

Wheelchair Accessible Seating

Priority seating with seats up

The seats located directly behind the front wheel well are designated for wheelchairs and scooters. Easy Access Low Floor buses can accommodate two wheelchairs or two scooters.

  • To flip up the seat, lift anywhere along the seat. (note that the three seat bench will balance when lifted half way to allow passengers to readjust their hand position to allow them to properly secure the seat)
  • Turn to face the front of the bus, then back into position, aligning your outside wheel with the wheel-lock clamp.
  • To request a stop while secured push the stop button located by your left hand.
  • Wait until the bus has come to a complete stop before removing the locking device and proceeding to the exit.

Push button to request next stop

Contact Us

For more information on Easy Access service, contact Winnipeg Transit:

  • Call 311.
  • Call Telebus, our automated schedule information system, at 204-287-RIDE (7433).
  • Refer to the timetables, routes, and stops sections for current information.

Easy Access Routes and Schedule

Winnipeg Transit Easy Access low floor buses serve several routes Monday through Friday. On Saturdays and Sunday ALL service is Easy Access.

Check the timetables to ensure your trip is served by an Easy Access low floor bus. Trips using Easy Access buses are indicated with a wheelchair symbol.

Monday – Friday ( Not all routes are Easy Access during Peak Hours)

1 Downtown Spirit 77 Crosstown North
2 Downtown Spirit 82
3 Downtown Spirit 83
10 Wolseley – St. Boniface 854
11 Kildonan – Portage 85
12 William 86
14 Ellice – St.Mary’s 887
15 Mountain – Sargent 88
16 Osborne – Selkirk 89
17 McGregor 90
18 Corydon – North Main 91
19 Marion – Logan – Notre Dame 93
20 Academy -Watt 94
21 Portage Express 95
24 Ness Express 96
26 Logan – Berry 97
29 Sherbrook 98
33 Maples 101 Dart
38 Salter 102 Dart
43 Munroe 109 Dart
44 Grey 110 Dart
45 Talbot 137 Richmond Super Express
47 Transcona 160 – Downtown – U of M
51 161 University Super Express
53 162 Ft. Richmond – St. Norbert Express
55 St. Anne’s 163 Waverley Heights Express
56 170 Ft. Richmond – St. Norbert
66 Grant 180 Industrial Express
68 Crescent 181 Whyte Ridge Express
71 Arlington 183 Richmond West Express
72 185 Osborne Village Express

Saturday and Sunday Service

All routes are served by Easy Access buses.