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Southwest corridor map_purple


The Southwest Transitway is a high-speed roadway for buses, physically separated from the regular street system. All existing bus routes in Southwest Winnipeg will be able to use the transitway to travel to and from downtown faster. Buses operate at speeds up to 80 kph, free of any other traffic, providing very fast, reliable service.

Stage 1 of the Southwest Transitway currently runs from Queen Elizabeth Way & Stradbrook to Pembina & Jubilee. Bus-only access roads between the transitway and the street system let Rapid Transit buses operate both on the street and on the transitway. This routing flexibility provides one-seat travel without transfer for most passengers traveling between southwest Winnipeg and downtown. Buses transition between the street system and the transitway at:

  • Queen Elizabeth & Stradbrook
  • Harkness Station near Stradbrook & Harkness
  • East end of Warsaw Avenue
  • Jubilee Overpass

There is also a bus-only access road to the transitway at the Fort Rouge Transit Base. This provides a fast, efficient way for buses to travel between the garage and route terminals at the start and end of service.

Once Stage 2 is completed and opened for service in 2020, the Southwest Transitway will operate from Downtown to the neighbourhoods of Southwest Winnipeg, including the University of Manitoba.

What's next

In the spring of 2017 work will begin on the McGillivray, Letellier and Bishop Grandin transitway overpass structures. Work will also begin on the widening of the Pembina/Jubilee underpass.



The intent of the Eastern Corridor Study is to determine the most desirable transportation corridor (including river crossing and rapid transit route), and in recognizing transit as a catalyst for transformation,identify strategic investments needed to optimize the potential for complete communities in eastern Winnipeg.

The Eastern Corridor Study is the first stage of an implementation plan for an eastern rapid transit corridor and associated transportation improvements and will set out the conceptual design and implementation strategy.

The Eastern Corridor Study will undertake a route selection study to determine a conceptual alignment for a rapid transit line from downtown to eastern Winnipeg, and a comprehensive review of transportation network improvements including upgrades/modifications/replacement of the existing Red River crossing (Louise Bridge), and will also include the development of a strategy to guide future local land use planning efforts.

To view a summary of the project components click on the Summary of the Eastern Corridor Study Project Deliverables. To view the full RFP for the Eastern Corridor Study, please click here.

What's next

  • Following the Request for Proposal (RFP) process which concluded in August 2016, MMM Group Limited was selected as the preferred bidder to undertake the functional study by achieving the highest score for its combined technical and financial submission for the project.
  • The project is anticipated to take 18 months to complete, with completion in mid-2018. Some elements of the project will be completed prior to the overall completion date.
  • The project will commence with a number of initiating steps (following standard project management practices) early in the new year; look for news about public engagement early in 2017.