COVID-19: City of Winnipeg response and latest updates on City facilities and services
COVID-19 : Mesures prises par la Ville de Winnipeg et dernières nouvelles sur les installations et services municipaux
Reminder: Self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms before each time you take transit.
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City of Winnipeg

Winnipeg Transit

Keeping Winnipeg Transit Plus safe in light of COVID-19


A Winnipeg Transit Plus vehicle, marked with a logo, parked in front of the Winnipeg Transit garage

What we’re doing to keep you safe

Winnipeg Transit Plus increased the frequency of cleaning of all its vehicles with the arrival of the pandemic as part of our ongoing commitment to keep customers safe while using our service.

As we continue to honour this commitment, drivers for our service take a number of precautions before you enter any of our buses or vehicles, including:

  • Self-screening for symptoms of illness prior to the start of every shift, using tools developed by Public Health
  • Dressing in personal protecting equipment, including masks and gloves
  • Wiping down high touch points, including door handles and seat belts, with sanitizer

Other safety measures we’re taking include:

  • Using equipment such as PPE, plexiglass shields and hand sanitizer to ensure the safety of all parties during in-person appointments for assessments, equipment reviews and appeals
  • Frequently sanitizing our facilities
  • Requiring all individuals to wear a non-medical face mask while using Transit Plus or while attending Winnipeg Transit Customer Service Centres and other City of Winnipeg facilities

Masks, self-screening and more: your role in safe transit


The City of Winnipeg is requiring that all individuals wear a non-medical face mask while using Winnipeg Transit or Winnipeg Transit Plus as a means to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community. This policy also applies to Transit Customer Service Centres and other City facilities. We also ask that Winnipeggers not judge others who may not be wearing a face mask, as there are a number of reasons someone may not be able to wear one.

While not a replacement for social distancing or hand-washing, the use of non-medical face masks is increasingly recognized by public health officials as a tool to provide protection against the spread of COVID-19, particularly in settings where social distancing may be a challenge.

Masks or face coverings should not be placed on: any child under the age of two, any person who is unable to remove it without help, or any person who has difficulty breathing.

More information on how to safely wear a mask is available on the Winnipeg Transit Response to COVID-19 page.

Self-screening for COVID-19

Starting October 1, all customers are required to self-screen prior before using Transit Plus, rather than prior to trip booking.

Prior to each time you ride Transit Plus, please undertake a self-assessment of your personal health to assess whether you might be experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. We recommend screening one hour before your ride, so there is time to cancel at least 30-minutes before your scheduled pick up window.

You can self screen by:

  • Reading through the questions listed below, or by using this printable PDF (hard copies available by request)
  • Calling our contact centre line to hear audio of the questions.

If any of the following apply, please do not ride with Transit Plus, and remember to cancel your trip

  • Are you experiencing:
    • Feeling of fever or chills?
    • New onset of cough or increase in the amount of coughing?
    • Sore throat?
    • Shortness of breath?
    • New onset symptom: runny nose/congestion (not related to allergies)?
    • Headache or unusual headache?
    • Sore muscles not related to overexertion or exercise?
    • New onset symptom: diarrhea?
    • New onset symptom: loss of taste and/or smell?
    • Have you had close contact (within 2 metres) with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19?
  • Are you or anyone you live with currently awaiting COVID-19 test results?
  • Have you been told by Public Health to be in self-isolation or self-monitoring?
  • In the last 14 days, have you returning from travel outside of Manitoba?

If the screening process determines you are unable to book a trip and you need transport to a health facility, you are advised to contact Health Links – Info Santé for assistance in developing a plan.

Hand hygiene and other steps to take

  • Maintain a reasonable separation between yourself and others.
  • Practice good hand hygiene by washing your hands regularly and refraining from touching your face.
  • We encourage you to carry your own personal disinfectant when you travel, such as hand sanitizer or wipes.
  • If you are sick; follow advice to isolate and do not take Winnipeg Transit Plus.

Manitoba Health has recommended that we avoid close prolonged contact with others and staying at home when you don’t feel well is the best way to protect yourself and others.

Visit the City of Winnipeg website for more information on the City’s overall response to COVID-19.